Rules when Renting a Vehicle for Your Trip

So, you’ve just rented a car for the first time and you’re wondering if you should treat it like your own or be super careful while in it. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

When you rent a car, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, when you return it you have to refill the gas to wherever it was when you got it. You should also consider taking pictures (before leaving the rental place) of anything wrong with the car. That way, you won’t be charged later for small scratches, stains, etc. But are there any other rules to keep in mind?

Below are six things that you should avoid when you rent a car.

1) Avoid leaving a mess in the car.

Duh, right? You’d be surprised at how many people don’t clean up after themselves when they’re finished eating. You can eat in a rental car, but when you leave clean up after yourself. Avoid leaving crumbs or trash; just be courteous. Seems simple enough.

2) Avoid trouble by only allowing the main driver and any additional drivers to operate the rental car.

Some rental facilities allow drivers to add additional drivers when renting, so that both the main driver and any additional drivers are held responsible for the vehicle. Make sure that only authorized drivers are operating the rental because if something happens, only these users are responsible. If an unauthorized person gets in an accident or something, expect some trouble.

3) Avoid purchasing insurance if you don’t really need it.

Most of us have insurance for our personal vehicle and this coverage could be used for your rental if your policy allows it. So before you go buying rental insurance, review your policy or ask your insurer.

4) Avoid renting cars from airports.

Rental places in airports usually charge additional fees such as a surcharge. So if you want to find yourself a better deal, I suggest renting from places outside of the airport.

5) Avoid paying for damages you didn’t cause.

Before leaving the rental place, make sure to walk around the car and make notes of all the dings, scratches and dents. Use your smartphone to take pictures and document the preexisting damages if there are any. Point out the damages to the rental agent to ensure they have those damages noted on the paperwork. You can also always request another car if you feel uncomfortable taking the one that was originally given.

6) Avoid not turning in your car on time.

Many rental places will charge you an extra fee for each hour you’re late if you are more than 30 minutes late to return your rental car. Make sure to take some extra time out of your day to clean out the car and fill up the tank before taking it back to the rental place. I also recommend you take care of these things the night before. It can be a big help.
Make sure to keep these things in mind the next time you rent a car. Avoid hassles and extra charges and enjoy your rental car!

Best Fishing Spots in Minnesota

In Minnesota, fishing is a very important activity. Every year, the commencement of walleye season attracts numerous folks which are lined up, ready to put in their boats during the midnight. Most anglers use a rental car to travel to various fishing spots. Anglers will never disclose to you their beloved honey spots, but here are the best places for fishing in Minnesota:

Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin is formed as a result of the widening of the Mississippi River which stretches for 21 miles where at least 80 species of fish have been witnessed. Some of these are abundant and healthy populations of walleye, sauger as well as the northern pike. Sport fishermen usually have fun with bass fishing on Lake Pepin, which normally hosts a bigger population of smallmouth and white bass. When fishing for fun abundant and crappies will keep your lines busy.

Winter trout on Hay Creek

While Minnesota is well known for its astonishing panfish, fly fishing for trout is often overlooked as it is one of the main streams situated at the edge of the state. An ideal place suitable for this is Hay Creek alongside Red Wing, Minnesota. The best time for this activity is during the winter trout season.Minnesota Winter trout season normally commences in early January and ends in March. Hay Creek like any other creek in the southeastern region of the state is usually spring fed via the limestone bluff country, ensuring water is cool during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Fishing the stocked creek in the winter is compared to catch and release. Fishing in the previous years has witnessed improvement due to the projects which have been implemented.

Madison Lake

Madison Lake is located in southern Minnesota. This is the most famous lake in the region, but it is usually neglected by most anglers and recreationists from outside the region.Situated about one and a half hours to the south of the crowded Minneapolis metro, the journey to Madison Lake is usually an easy and affordable option to providing an outdoor experience for the entire family. The lake comprises of both the tent and RV sites and there are numerous dining and lodging options near the hub of Mankato.

This lake provides multiple options for the anglers. Madison is ideal for fine panfish and walleye lake, in conjunction with the northern pike and bass hitting hard.

Bald eagle lake

Twin cities anglers who are not interested in traveling far away for amazing walleye fishing opt to go to Bald Eagle Lake which is situated in the Northern Metro. This lake is well known for its walleye but also consists of other populations such as muskies, northern pike, and also largemouth bass such as lunkers. Anglers and kids who are admirers of panfish will not be disappointed with Bald Eagle Lake abundant sunnies. In spite of having a limited size, access to the lake is usually limited.The above are some of the main fishing areas in Minnesota. There are varieties of fish populations available in this lake and this makes it ideal for fishing. To travel to these fishing spots you can use a rental car to facilitate your travels.